1. All departing passengers are required to have their passports, boarding pass and travel document ready for inspection by airport security personnel upon entering the Departure Area.

  2. Proceed to the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) booth for Travel Tax payment. A fee of Php 1,620.00 shall be paid by all international departing passengers

  3. Check in your baggages at the airline counter for your boarding passes. Prepare your passport, plane ticket, and other travel documents.

  4. All departing passengers SHOULD proceed to the Terminal Fee counter for the payment of the Passenger Service Charge or Terminal Fee. Fee is Php 600.00. “PASSENGER SERVICE CHARGE OR TERMINAL FEE is a fee charge to each departing passenger for passing through an airport. It is levied by the airport management corporation and the proceeds are intended for funding the airport facility management and majr airport improvements.”

  5. After check in and receiving a boarding card, proceed to the Immigration Counter with your disembarkation card filled up. All Filipino passport holders are required to fill out the departure card.

  6. There is a good selection of food outlets and shops, passenger can easily get what they want in the halls.