1. Payment is for TEMPORARY USE OF PARKING SLOT ONLY and not for the security of your vehicle and valuables. Parking rates are as follows:
    PHP 30.00 for vehicle(s) not exceeding 12 hours.
    PHP 90.00 per day for park n’ fly vehicle(s) and additional PHP 30.00 is charged for the hours in excess of the 24 hours allocation.

  2. Carpark Management shall not be liable for any loss or damage sustained by the vehicle(s) and articles for lost items left in the vehicle(s).

  3. Carpark Management is authorized to release the vehicle to the presenter of this ticket. Lost parking stub must be immediately reported to the carpark attendant or security guard at post. The Carpark Management and its personnel shall not in any way be responsible in the event the vehicle is released to a presenter of this claim stub prior to the receipt of notice of the loss, or in the event no such notice of loss is relayed by the owner of the vehicle.

  4. Customer who lost their parking stub or any portion shall be charged for the following amount:
    PHP 150.00 for Regular Parking
    PHP 500.00 for Park and Fly whichever is higher upon verification of records. Payable of lost stub is non refundable.

  5. Please present the parking stub and pay the corresponding fee to the parking collector and ask for your Official Receipt.